Vauxhall “Corsa Cannibals” continue to strike 0


Imagine getting ready for work, only to go outside and find your shiny, red Vauxhall Corsa with no bonnet… or wheels… or bumper… or, you see where I’m going with this. Well, that’s been happening to hundreds of Vauxhall Corsa owners over the last two years.

Dubbed the “Corsa Cannibals” – we know, it sounds like a cheesy, low-budget horror film – the group of thieves are targeting Vauxhall Corsas, particularly the red sport models. They work whilst you’re sound asleep to strip your vehicle of the parts they want to sell on, or at least as much as they can carry. Then in the morning, your car looks like it’s been half-eaten by the Iron Giant.

The criminals know exactly how to get the parts off without damaging them and which parts will make a hefty sale. They seem to strike in the middle of the night in poorly-lit areas. It began two years ago in Bedfordshire, where more than 500 cases of removed parts were reported. And now it appears the criminals have moved to Teesside, where over 25 cars have fallen victim during the last three months.

Whilst Vauxhall say there are no security or design flaws, the Corsa is a model of car often involved in accidents; requiring replacement parts to repair them. The police believe this is why the criminals are targeting the Corsa and are making large profits from selling the stolen parts to local repair-shops.

If you own a Vauxhall Corsa – of any colour or trim level – park it in a well-lit area or your garage, just to be on the safe side. And if you’re thinking about buying a Corsa, don’t be put off by the cannibals; especially as the new Corsa is set to feature Vauxhall’s popular OnStar and IntelliLink systems.



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