Vauxhall head full of praise for UK factories 1

In a welcoming piece of news, the chief of Opel/Vauxhall has recently been full of praise for staff who works within their UK Vauxhall factories.

However there have also been warnings that work must improve if the company are to increase business and gain more profits. He stated that one reason could be due to the fact that the company are depending on fleet and rental markets too much. The company have stated that retail sales need to increase, as this is the main source of profits.

Nevertheless that shouldn’t deflect on the hard work and great praise placed upon Vauxhall’s staff. Staff within Vauxhall’s factories have been commended by Karl-Friedrich Stracke, the CEO of the company.  The specific plants in question are the Ellesmere Port and Luton plants. His exact words were “The work at Ellesmere and Luton is world class. Ellesmere’s absentee rate is the lowest of any plant in Europe – very impressive. Luton is an amazing operation, with almost no robotisation but still with a fantastic efficiency rating.”

The recent praise of Vauxhall factories seems to be justified with the Luton plant announcing yesterday that the 500,000th Vivaro has been created. It took over a 10 years for that figure to be reached. The Vivaro itself is a van that is developed in partnership with Renault. The second generation of the van will developed at the plant too, with an estimated 1,500 jobs saved.

The Luton plant has also been touted as a potential production plant for the highly anticipated Vauxhall Ampera. It would be quite an honour for the plant to develop this vehicle. However the destination of where the electric vehicle will be created is still unknown. It may not even be in Europe.

It is of no surprise that demand for the Vivaro is very high. It mixes practicality, high economy credentials and is a comfortable ride at the same time.

Vauxhall seem to be doing very well in rebuilding their reputation since the global economic crisis, which was said to take a hit during that particular period. Vauxhall factories are on top of their game, with the UK based plants helping to enhance their reputation.