Vauxhall helps the UK automotive industry prosper 0

Vauxhall UK factories have just received praise from CEO Karl-Friedrich Stracke regarding their work and commitment.

It seems that they are now in line for further tribute, as they have helped the UK automotive industry grow.

Supply contracts signed up quicker than expected

Vauxhall are said to have achieved new supply contracts worth £175 million. This may come as quite a surprise to many as the deals were actually achieved ahead of schedule. The original deadline was the end of next year. Thanks to the new deals that were reached, Vauxhall are now committed to spending £35 million yearly to their UK suppliers. This represents a healthy outlook for the UK automotive industry.  Products that will be supplied include parts such as suspension springs and exhaust systems plus many more.

Promising young workers being hired

They are also dedicated to bringing about more automotive jobs, especially for young people. The employment of 39 apprentices as various Vauxhall factories in order to develop their skills within the Vauxhall is testament to that fact.

The company see young workers as their future. Building their skills and knowledge will allow the young employees to grow with the company. This will create a much brighter future with more stability. Skills learnt will be a mix of business skills as well as technical manual engineering.

More productive staff

In order for the company to improve, it was decided that the production line should be faster yet keeping it effective. This was agreed by 268 employees to make the production line faster than ever.

Getting better and better

The company really do seem like they are growing from strength to strength over the UK. It has been mentioned that the company’s reputation was quite badly damaged within the automotive industry during the recession. Their recent success mentioned here accounts for them rebuilding their reputation and making excellent progress.

The 500,000th Vauxhall Vivaro was also recently rolled out, marking a great amount of success. The Luton plant where it was made has achieved something truly remarkable. The van continues to be one of the most popular in the UK and is one of the reasons for the company doing so well in the UK.

Dedicating themselves to employing youth, exciting new models to be released, encouraging business developments among many other positives bring will come as welcome news to all involved.

It would certainly appear that Vauxhall alone account for how well the automotive industry seems to be picking up. With the upcoming Ampera, the company’s future looks very bright.