Vauxhall Zafira in emissions scandal – BBC Panorama 0


The Zafira has been the focal point of Vauxhall’s brand for a few weeks now, and not in a positive way. We’re sure you’ve heard about the Zafira B model fire claims already, but here’s another accusation to throw onto the fire. The Zafira has been dragged into the VW emissions scandal… again.

On Monday, BBC’s Panorama investigated the Volkswagen emissions scandal. Selecting a known VW ‘defect device’ affected vehicle, they conducted the tests in a certified facility in the Czech Republic, as no labs in the UK would let them in. They proved that the ‘defeat device’ cheated the EU emissions tests, as well as the U.S tests we already knew about.

After testing the Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion diesel and finding it did indeed cheat the testing, they then tested a Vauxhall Zafira for comparison. And the results weren’t much better. The Zafira emitted two and a half times the legal limit of NOx emissions when altered from the traditional testing procedure.


Inevitably not pleased with the investigation, Vauxhall has criticised Panorama, who they say refused to show them their test results. The company has refuted the claims that the Zafira doesn’t meet the EU6 legal emission limits, as Vauxhall told Panorama:

“None of our cars has any features that detect whether a car is actually undergoing an emissions test. We have in-house testing that proves that the Zafira 1.6 meets all the legal emissions limits. We have to suspect that either the vehicle you used for your testing was not performing correctly and/or that the test execution was not correctly set up.”

The brand has also spoken publicly about the ‘misleading’ portrayal: “when DUH tested the Zafira in Germany they were not willing to share their results before they went public. We subsequently concluded that the campaign contained misleading elements. In response to the incorrect accusations of DUH we ran a full series of tests. Those tests proved that the Zafira 1.6 meets all the legal emissions limits both in 2WD and 4WD roller testing.”

Whether or not the Zafira has cheated emissions tests, dieselgate is certainly creating waves throughout the car industry. We’re sure there are more investigations and revelations to come, so watch this space.



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The BBC, Panorama