Who do we have to thank for dashcams? 0

Who-do-we-have-to-thank-for-dashcamsExtremely funny dashcam footage has emerged on Youtube of an aggressive Vauxhall Zafira driver getting his just desserts, after – while he was giving it the ‘big ‘un’ – his car accidently rolls away in the background.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by Brett Seedhouse, shows a lorry travelling down a country lane before pulling up to a junction.

As the lorry gets ready to pull away, a bronze Vauxhall Zafira can be seen entering the junction from the opposite direction, blocking the truck’s exit. After a few minutes of gesticulation at the lorry driver – who is completely unable to reverse due to traffic behind him, the Zafira driver gets out of his car to confront the truck.

Unfortunately for the Zafira driver, he’s forgotten to put the handbrake on resulting in extremely funny footage as he realises his mistake and desperately tries to stop his car as it rolls away down the hill.

This clears the junction for the lorry, who is free to carry on with his journey. The Vauxhall is stopped meanwhile, before it can cause any harm (the driver’s pride aside).

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