A look at the upcoming Vauxhall Astra GTC 0

When looking at the new Vauxhall Astra GTC, you immediately think of the Volkswagen Scirocco. Vauxhall themselves have already stated that the  Renault Megane along with the Scirocco as its immediate rivals. That’s certainly a tough market to crack.

It will naturally join the sport coupe class with a target of being the best car to handle within its class.

A tough feat to beat, the Scirocco has been praised by many car experts for its handling. The “stability and precision” of the car is something that is unmatched according to Vauxhall. This is said to be the major attribute in the cars selling point in swaying others away from its rivals. Will it actually work? If drivers want a car that handles great wouldn’t they opt a dedicated sports car for the same price?

Vauxhall surely won’t be banking on just the handling to make the car a hit. There are plenty of other brilliant features about the car that will make it very attractive to prospective buyers.

We mentioned that the car looked like a Scirocco. Bearing that in mind, it’s obvious to say that the Vauxhall Astra GTC doesn’t look like your typical Astra. It sits 15mm lower than the normal Astra and has a wider frame. This naturally helps the performance of the car and makes it looks a lot different, but in a good way. The aggressive and sporty looks will be a great selling point for the car. 20inch wheels will also add to the appeal, with them blending in superbly with everything looking in great proportion.

There will be a decent range of engines available too. They include both petrol and diesel. There will be a 2.0 litre diesel that produces a decent 163bhp. The 1.6 petrol will produce 178bhp and will be turbocharged. Two 1.4 petrol’s will also be made available with an output of 118bhp and 138bhp.

After the car’s premiershwoing at the Frankfurt Motor show this week, it has been predicted that the car will do very well.

It will set you back £18,495 with the highest spec costing £22,430.

The Vauxhall Astra GTC already has 15,000 pre orders. Could this car be a stroke of genius from the German company?