Ampera, a success in the making 0

A model for the future, the Ampera is very much anticipated to be Vauxhall’s answer to creating eco-friendly cars that can provide a great driving experience.  The Ampera will be powered by electricity. It will be the first electric car capable of producing no emissions what so ever.

A uniquely crafted car with an outstanding design, the Ampera will certainly grab a lot of attention. Front headlights are particularly noticeable, with them being nicely connected to the lower fog lights.

The car will be made of very light materials to give less drag, meaning better environmental and economic efficiency. This will include polycarbonate material placed upon the front grille and on appropriate places within the alloy wheels.

There will be plenty of space within a brilliantly designed interior. Its futuristic look gives the feel of a car that is made with quality.

The Ampera offers the space, comfort, and convenience features that you expect from a modern car:  with five doors, four seats and a storage capacity of more than 300 litres.

It is estimated that the cost of driving will be dramatically decreased compared to normal fuel cars. Vauxhall have mentioned prices of up to one fifth less expensive than petrol cars to keep the car running. The car can be conveniently charged at home or at work.

A full charge may cost just 85p giving approximately 50 miles of driving. That’s not all however, if you need to travel further extra power is provided within using innovative technology. Hundreds of miles of extra driving can be achieved before needing a recharge.

Future plans will see plenty of electric power stations throughout the nations. Electric car owners will find more convenient charging points throughout the nation.

The world is changing, the severely affected environment is being effected by emissions produced and energy used by cars. It is clear that all car manufacturers must adapt to change in demand in order to have a long lasting future.Vauxhall  has said they intend to invest one billion pounds on technology to help create eco-friendly cars for the future. The Ampera seems to be a step in the right direction. We can expect to see the Ampera in 2012.