Fleetworld to showcase the new Mokka and Adam EV 0

vauxhall-adamFleetworld, a well-respected fleet website has announced that the new electronic versions of the Vauxhall Adam and Mokka will be showcased at the FleetWorld Fleet Show in April.

The event will be held at Silverstone. Vauxhall’s new Mokka SUV is sure to grab plenty of attention with its unique shape and stand out features. The Vauxhall Adam is the company’s new city car. It is able to be heavily personalised with plenty of different options to choose from. It’s an urban type of vehicle designed to compete with the likes of the Volkswagen UP!

Silverstone track testing

These two vehicles may be of great interest to fleet companies, given their excellent MPG ratings. The beauty of having the event at Silverstone is that people attending the show can test the vehicles on the racetrack as well as on public roads. Other car manufacturers will also be bringing their latest models along to show case what they can offer fleet companies. Approximately 200 models will be at the event.

nPower handing out expert advice

nPower will be at the event within the exhibition area at Silverstone. They will be handing out advice on various electric vehicle options. The advice will include information of installation on vehicle chargers and charge point management systems. They themselves have taken on electric vehicles as part of their fleets. They have produced a fleet management system which helps reimburse employees for when they use home EV charging points. With that they are able to dish out great advice on how to effectively run a fleet of electronic vehicles.

Enfield 8000

Another highlight will be the Enfield 8000, one of Britain’s first ever electronic vehicles that were produced in mass amounts. It has been restored for a race, aimed at breaking the British record for a street legal electronic vehicle.
The idea is that fleet companies eventually gain a sustainable and long term solution with electric vehicles. That would not only save a lot of money but it would also help the environment a great deal. Initial costs may be more expensive but it is certainly worth it over a period of time.

There are plenty of reasons for fleet companies to visit. Not only will they view some of the latest fleet friendly electronic vehicles around, they’ll also get expert advice from a number of sources.