A look back at the Cavalier Coupe and Sportshatch (1975 – 1981) 0

A-look-back-at-the-Cavalier-Coupe-and-SportshatchThe Cavalier Coupe and Sportshatch were almost identical to the Opel equivalent – the Manta. That said, the Euro version was designed at Vauxhall’s headquarters in Luton, thereby proving the UK wings competence at designing hatchbacks. The Coupe made its debut together with the saloon in 1975 and was initially offered in both 1.6 and 1.9-litre formats. The larger engined variant was upgraded to 2.0-litres in 1978.

The Sportshatch appeared on the scene around this time, boosting the model’s overall appeal not to mention acquiring a decent market share in the process. This was impressive, especially considering that sales were shared with its Opel Manta cousin.

The two-door edition was a handsome car; the three door version however, added a significant amount of practicality. The 1.60-litre versions were economical and nippy; the 2-litres were excellent all rounders. Unlike the Manta, they were pensioned off in 1981, not directly replaced by the front-wheel drive Mk2 Cavalier.

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