A look back at the Vauxhall Belmont (1986 – 1991) 0


This retrospective look back at a stalwart of yesteryear, could quite easily fall under the heading of ‘Forgotten cars’ or ‘Whatever happened to…’ such is its legacy in the collective public memory.

Additionally, the car’s legacy is further undermined by Vauxhall’s propensity to recycle model names – think Astra and Corsa – and yet the Belmont is one it decided to consign to the history books.

First gracing our roads back in the mid-eighties, the first impressions formed of the Belmont were that it was effectively an Astra fitted with a large and ungainly boot.

Performance wise, the car was good. Passengers enjoyed plenty of legroom and ample space for luggage, shopping and goods.

On a less savory note, government statistics also reveal that the Belmont was also the car of choice for criminals, at one point being the UK’s most commonly stolen vehicle – 76 out of every 1,000 getting pinched.

Hardly any remain on our roads today, and in a few years time for better or worse, the name Belmont will be a long forgotten footnote in the Vauxhall back catalogue.

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