A look back at the Vauxhall Calibra Turbo 4×4 0


The Calibra Turbo looked incredible and was ludicrously fast. Considering the fact it was spawned by a company that at the time specialised in churning our slightly bland fleet cars for salesmen, this certainly put a cat amongst the pigeons when it was first released in 1992.

Able to pelt along at 150mph, the Calibra could outgun cars from far more illustrious stables; in a straight line it could beat a Ford Escort Cosworth.

The sleek looks were the creation of American Wayne Cherry and were the primary reason the car had the lowest drag factor of any car produced before – 0.26cd.

A poll conducted at the time of its launch placed it higher in the popularity stakes than a BMW 8-Series.

Not so many remain on sale today, it’s still hard to believe that such a special car could come from a slightly dull manufacturer, but the Calibra was no figment of imagination and still has the power to turn heads even today.

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