A look back at the Vauxhall Type E Wyvern (1951 – 1957) 0

A-look-back-at-the-Vauxhall-Type-E-WyvernThe Vauxhall Type E Wyvern was the first model Vauxhall released post second world war – alongside its sister cars the Velox and Cresta E.

The entirety of the design was pretty much brand new, with the exception of the 1442cc incline-four engine.

The styling could be described as fairly American in appearance, but this could be expected from a company owned by General Motors (since 1925). This saw plenty of chrome towards the front plus a curved windscreen, a feature that was fairly unique at the time.

When compared to the minimalistic Morris or Austin editions of the time, the Vauxhall was very sophisticated. The new bodywork was considerably heavier when compared to previous editions and this slightly detracted from performance, so from 1952, a 1507cc engine was introduced. This raised the power output from 35bhp to 40-48bhp depending which model you had. Apart from a few minor alterations to the interior design, the Wyvern remained like this until 1957.

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