Important moments in the history of Vauxhall 0

Vauxhall is one of the most well known names in the British automotive industry. They have delivered cars that have reached iconic status such as the Corsa, Astra and the Cavalier. A number of the UK’s most popular vehicles are developed by Vauxhall.

Some of the important points in the history of Vauxhall in the UK


Their history delves back all the way to 1903 when their first ever car was made. However the car was in actual fact developed since 1857 before its release.  The car is said to have had 6 brake horse power costing £136.


This year saw the development of one of the fastest cars of its type in the nation, the Vauxhall E-type 30-98.


Vauxhall was purchased for $2.5 million by General Motors, the huge American car manufacturer. This allowed Vauxhall to grow and prosper greatly.


The Velox and the Wyvern were created, Vauxhall’s first vehicles since the second world war. The car was very popular with a huge demand for both.


Vauxhall produced their 1,00000th car by this year. They were also were producing a record 100,000 + cars a year.


This was a fantastic decade for Vauxhall. More families were now able to afford cars, this saw a tremendous increase in sales for the company.


This was the year of the Cavalier, a car that really made Vauxhall what they are today. It is a symbolic that has enjoyed huge success, becoming one of Britain’s most popular cars at the time.


1980 was another significant year which saw the creation of another great long lasting car. The Vauxhall Astra was introduced, but not to the success as many would think. It actually started off quite slowly considering its vast popularity today.


The popular Vauxhall Nova, the original modern small car developed by the company was introduced.


The Carton was brought out and attracted plenty of attention. Its sporty looks and performance made it quite a popular car. There was a version where Vauxhall teamed with Lotus to create a car developed with great engineering.


The iconic Corsa was developed and released. It was a ground breaking small car which separated itself from rivals. Features such as power steering allowed the car to be popular compared to the rest.


The Cavalier era finally came to end. Its replacement, the Vectra did a brilliant job.  It was built with great quality throughout and was a great all round car.


Demands for multipurpose vehicles were increasing and Vauxhall brought out their solution in form of the Zafira. It’s a car that was built to last and has become one the best selling family cars around.