The 2016 Art Sale 0

The-2016-Art-SaleThis is an extremely interesting piece of information of which we have only just learned about. Surely everyone must know that Vauxhall sponsor the home nations’ football teams, club level football teams as well as the sponsoring of multiple other events in other areas. One of these areas happens to be art and Vauxhall have been playing a huge role in this for well over a decade now.

The Art Car Boot Fair is an annual event which takes place in London and in Hastings. The idea of this sale is to let artists from all over the world meet up, have fun, and as the name suggests, sell art from a cars boot. This June marks the 13th year of the project and it is starting to gain a lot of attention from both extremely well known artists, as well as those who are just up and coming.

So, there is an art show which happens from the boots of cars, so what has this got to do with Vauxhall? Well as we stated earlier, Vauxhall sponsor the art show and have therefore helped the project to grow massively. Vauxhall have been a part of the show since its conception in 2003 and they have been there at every stage since. Vauxhall have been supporting the event through artist’s commissions, whilst also supplying boots for many artists to sell their creations from. In doing this, Vauxhall have not only managed to help promote the event, but they have also helped the Art Car Boot Fair to remain free for the artists in attendance.

We have to say that the sponsoring is in good faith as creativity can and does spread across all boundaries. Maybe Vauxhall promote this and from it, they may find a new creative of their own…