The Grand Szentgotthárd Factory 0

The-Grand-Szentgotthard-FactoryLocated in Western Hungary stands one of Opel’s most productive and necessary factories. The factory in Szentgotthárd, is one of Opel’s biggest suppliers of engines. Having a rich and extremely efficient past, the production plant is looking to grow and set new records and targets every year. You may be questioning the reason behind this article, but if you read on, we hope you will be amazed at the figures already quoted and the quotas set to be met this year.

This specific factory, which has been operating for 20 years, has just celebrated the creation of its 8th million engine, and it doesn’t want to stop there. With Opel hoping to introduce 18 new engines by 2018, the majority of these will end up being created in Szentgotthárd.

The factory is geared up for this too. Having recently expanded and now running at almost full capacity more and more engines are being produced on a grand scale. Furthermore, the Hungarian factory has recently seen a €500,000 Hungarian government subsidiary to train more apprentices.

Having produced 511,000 engines last year, the extra space and man power will allow the production plant to be able to produce this year’s target of 650,000 engines. Attempting to produce 650,000 engines in one year is a huge task but we are sure that they will be able to achieve this. With the rising popularity of Opel and Vauxhall, they already supply 60-70 percent of the engines used all over Europe. The plant is also expecting to produce small petrol engines alongside Opel’s Flex engines in large quantities this year. This will definitely cover the quota set by the production plants management. We have stated that there are 18 new engines to be introduced next year which will again create an even larger quota. We certainly expect the Szentgotthárd plant to produce its 10 millionth engine in the next two years…