Vauxhall nut drives vintage Nova back to its ‘home’ in 400 roundtrip 0

Vauxhall-nut-drives-vintage-Nova-back-to-its-home-in-400-roundtripIn an attempt to return his cherished Vauxhall Nova to its first home, a Scottish petrol-head has driven a 400 mile roundtrip.

Alex Carter, an analyst for the financial services firm Prudential, drove from his home address in Falkirk on Monday to Windsor Vehicle Leasing, so he could see the spot where his red Vauxhall Nova first began its motoring journey 25 years ago.

The family saloon had originally been the prize in a competition, a quarter of a century ago and since then it has slowly made its way further north as it passed from owner to owner. Mr Carter has been a fan of the vintage model since he first acquired one in 1996.

The red Nova is still in excellent condition, in much the same way as it was when it first rolled off the forecourt back in 1991.

When questioned as to why he had made the mammoth road trip, Mr Carter said, “probably because I’m nuts,” before adding, “I wanted to come down on a road trip and I knew the car had come from down here and I was just on the website trying to find some information and a picture of the car appeared.

“What are the chances of seeing that car, out of all the cars that have been sold here?

“As soon as I saw that I knew I had to come down.”

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