Vauxhall Adam production has started 1

Vauxhall have started the production of their new Adam car in Germany this week. The vehicle is being built in East Germany at the companies Eisenach factory.

The new city car will be built alongside the Vauxhall Corsa. Approximately £157 million has been invested by General Motors in the factory. That has already started to have been paid off with 16,000 orders taken already. The car officially goes on sale on the 19th of January.

What’s special about the Vauxhall Adam is the amount of different variants that are available with the car. Around 82,000 different interior options and 61,000 exterior options are available to be selected. As you can imagine, with so many options able to selected, it makes the production extremely difficult and complex to complete.


The Vauxhall Adam will start from £11,580. The 1.3 engine will be able to hit 87 BHP with four cylinders. The car will come as a front wheel drive car and will also be able to hit 110 MPH and reach 0 – 62 MPH in 12.5 seconds.

There are other power choices too with the 1.2 hitting 70 BHP and the 1.4 hitting either 87 BHP or 100 BHP.


Economically speaking the car can hit 55.4 MPG and will also achieve 119g/km of C02. Its efficiency will perhaps be its main selling point.

For the youth

The car will be mainly directed at youngsters. One unique feature includes the roof lining being painted sky blue with 64 white LED lights being placed on top. Effectively the car would look like night stars. The car would almost feel like a convertible in that sense.

Smartphone integration

What’s special about the car is the way they have cleverly linked smart phone technology into it. The IntelliLink system, which is optional, allows the phone to link to the car. Vauxhall see smartphone integration as the future and are strongly encouraging it with their new Adam.

Driving the car makes for a decent experience. The handling has rated highly by some reviews. The comfort of the car was not one of Vauxhall’s priorities but it is good enough to get you by.

How well will the Vauxhall Adam do here in the UK? We believe it be an interesting addition to the UK car market.