Vauxhall Ampera handed major awards in 2012 0

The Vauxhall Ampera has managed to clean up at many car award ceremonies this year.

The next generation hybrid vehicle managed to scoop up an award at the Scottish Car of the Year by winning the best electric car. Up next came the British Insurance Security Award winning the best Green car. At the 2012 GreenFleet award the Ampera scooped the prestigious Industry Innovation prize. It’s been a pretty eventful week for Vauxhall to say the least.

In total, the amazing hybrid has managed to secure a total of 40 honours. It was also awarded by Top Gear, the famous TV show, as being their number one Green Car of the year and their European Car of the Year.

Colin Boyton, the Marketing Manager for GreenFleet justified just why the car was awarded the prestigious award. He said “Since witnessing the chaos it caused at our Arrive’n’Drive event last year, with fleet managers clambering over each other to drive it, we have watched closely and seen it make a lasting impression on almost everyone that experiences it. Above that, the fleets that are actually embracing the vehicle are now reaping the benefits too. With EV’s becoming more and more prominent in the fleet sector, Vauxhall has managed to overcome the range anxiety issue with the range-extending technology, and while recharging infrastructure remains an issue, this, for us, is the definitely the way forward.”

The GreenFleet awards are one of the most prestigious award companies for recognising the credentials of green cars and the whole team behind the vehicles. The award ceremony was at the home of Arsenal Football Club, The Emirates Stadium. Alistair McGowan, the British comedian hosted the ceremony.

Duncan Aldred, Vauxhall’s Chairman and Managing Director recognised the achievements of the car saying “We are very pleased that the Ampera has been recognised by GreenFleet for the Industry Innovation prize. To win three awards in one week, and over 40 since launch, is an outstanding achievement and shows what a revolutionary vehicle the Ampera is.”

The Vauxhall Ampera hit UK showrooms back in May. It is already proving popular after some concerns that buyers would be overwhelmed with technology.  The vehicle has a total range of over 300 miles and an electric only range of 25 – 30 miles.