The Corsa has Regained its Title as Scotland’s Best Selling Vehicle 0

The-Corsa-has-Regained-its-Title-as-Scotlands-Best-Selling-VehicleWhat do you think of when you think of Scotland? There are many different answers that people may give you, but is the Vauxhall Corsa one? Well, it should be again after it managed to regain its title as Scotland’s bestselling car.

There were recently a record number of sales in the country for the first financial quarter of 2016. In second place came the Ford Fiesta, which is England’s top selling car, before finally being followed by the Vauxhall Astra. This must come as good news for Vauxhall whose Astra became European car of the year for 2016. The result of the first and third places for best selling vehicles made Vauxhall, Scotland’s top selling automotive manufacturer.

That is obviously impressive for any company and will have inevitably come as good news but the recent feats of the Corsa here should not be undersold. The Corsa was the bestselling car for six years after being knocked off its pedestal by the Ford Fiesta in 2014. But it is back with a bang. That single unit of car managed to outsell all other manufacturers except from Ford, Audi, Volkswagen and Renault just on its own.

The Corsa is so popular in fact that there have been 108,000 units sold since 2006 and apparently, if you line then up straight, from nose to bumper, then they can all stretch from Edinburgh to John o’Groats. It is a really extraordinary stat which Vauxhall must only be proud of.

This information comes at a time when Vauxhall, for the first time in years, managed to almost see profit. Therefore, the love of the Vauxhall brand in Scotland, which accounted for in excess of 15 percent of all car sales, must have had a very positive effect on the company’s global results.

The Corsa is an extremely efficient, reliable and economic car, so it is no wonder that it has done so well in Scotland. We are sure that in time, the Corsa will start making huge global impacts like the Astra is doing now….