The three best Vauxhalls 0

The-three-best-VauxhallsVauxhall has long been synonymous with performance, economy, and practicality. With only a few notable exceptions (which we won’t be mentioning here), each new offering seems to so perfectly understand the environment it was designed for, taking to the roads effortlessly with a design so carefully thought out it seems as if all eventualities have been predicted. There are many excellent examples of Vauxhalls that could form a top three, but the trio listed below make the grade for reasons we’ll explain:


Chevette – Originally produced from 1975 to 1984, the Chevette was originally marketed as a supermini. To many, it’s regarded as the car that turned everything around for Vauxhall following a difficult period. The Chevette threw off the unwelcome reputation that the car maker was acquiring, for producing rust-prone machines. The previous two decades had been a testing time, with several forgettable Vauxhall offerings not making the grade in both the eyes of the public and motoring press. The Chevette announced its arrival by way of a television advert featuring a catchy jingle and the memorable phrase: “It’s whatever you want it to be.” The slogan was deserved; the Chevette’s good looks and versatility were immensely popular and introduced a new generation to the Vauxhall brand.


Astra – The Astra name has been knocking around since the mid 80s, but it’s not been since the latest generation was released that the Astra could claim to be in any way extraordinary. The new reboot of the tired hatchback has resulted in a fabulous machine and a true rival to the Ford Focus. The BBC motoring show Top Gear even hailed the current Astra as “perhaps the best Astra ever”. Available in a vast array of different options, the new Astra has stylish, sporty lines, and a well designed interior – in contrast to the rather conservative looks of the previous editions.


Zafira – The recent editions have been beset by a series of unfortunate fires, and subsequent recalls, but the original Zafira that appeared towards late 90s deserves its place on the list – as one of the best Vauxhalls ever made. So says motoring author, Giles Chapman.  “It was the first seven-seat compact MPV where the seats would properly fold into the floor,” he says.  “It was also based on the Vauxhall Astra so you knew it was going to be pretty bullet proof.”  Despite the current editions failings, the Zafira can still claim to be a game-changer, which influenced many of the cars that followed in its footsteps.

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