Vauxhall Win Again… And Again 0

Vauxhall-Win-Again-And-AgainAs we have previously mentioned in another article, Vauxhall and Opel have had an extremely successful year to date. The GT Concept, Astra and the Corsa have picked up numerous awards between them; Opel have also seen record sales which keep getting stronger month on month, and as a result, the brand image is beginning to gain huge popularity. Luck just won’t run out for the GM based company. Just recently we mentioned that the Opel GT Concept won the German Design Council’s ‘Concepts Best of Best’ award, and fortunately it hasn’t stopped there.

The German Design Council who organise this coveted Automotive Brand Award, just recently named the GT concept as the winner of the Design Study 2016 award. Alongside this, they have also just awarded the Opel Astra as the best in ‘Events’ category. The Astra was awarded the ‘Events’ award because of the spectacular launch of the vehicle. With the event being named ‘Mission Astra’, the premier was held in the Sierra Nevada desert in Spain. Mission Astra consisted of a preview of the vehicle and a spaced themed glamorous camping experience for Opel’s top sellers.

Opel Chief Marketing Officer, Tina Müller said that, “we always want to offer our dealers something different and that is why we came up with a really unusual idea for the launch of the new Astra. With a tent-city next to a racetrack, which resembled a lunar landscape, we created an event that money actually cannot buy.”

Adding to this award, the extremely popular Opel OnStar system also won the ‘Future Mobility & Parts’ category, which again is a massive achievement. OnStar has the ability to turn any new Opel vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot, download destinations directly to your Sat-Nav; it can call the emergency services in a crash and can also help the Police recover the vehicle if stolen.

This again signifies how well Opel and Vauxhall have done this year; keep up the good work…