Vauxhall At It Again 0

Vauxhall-At-It-AgainWhat can this motoring company do wrong at the moment? They have won multiple awards with cars, events and technology, they have also seen an increase in their profits and even their concept designs are winning awards. Will Vauxhall’s time run out? That is a difficult question considering that the company have again excelled in a very prestigious environment.

Vauxhall have just excelled in a JD Power survey. Although there are multiple categories, Vauxhall have excelled in vehicle dependability. The JD Power dependability award, which is now in its second year, uses collected data to study the reliability of new vehicles sold in the UK. The 2016 survey, used data collected from 13,000 drivers to study the dependability of 113 models from 25 manufacturers. So, the competition was tough and Vauxhall did extremely well.

The study was ranked by a certain amount of problems per 100 vehicles. So, the lower amount of problems per vehicle, the better the score. For example, if the Ford Focus was very unreliable, it may score 213 pp100, indicating that of every 100 Focus’, there would be 213 problems. With the industry average being set at 113 pp100, how did Vauxhall do?

Well, the company average was 90 pp100, which isn’t too bad a score. But within this, there are certain cars which did stand out. The Insignia topped the mid-size category with, its closest rival scoring 16 more points. The Corsa and the Mokka came third in their respective categories also, which again, is extremely commendable.

Vauxhall’s Chairman and Managing Director Rory Harvey said that, “It is brilliant to see that our cars are performing well for durability after they have left the showroom… Providing high-quality, reliable vehicles are a priority of ours, and to see models across the range achieve these results and outperform their premium rivals is great.”

Congratulations are in order again then…