Vauxhall Vivaro review Part 2 0

The Vauxhall Vivaro is one of the most recognisable vans on the road. It’s practicality along with its versatility have made it one of the best vehicles of its type in the motor industry.

There are so many great features about the van that we couldn’t mention all of our favourite features in the previous article. Today we review the Vauxhall Vivaro from a different perspective.

Storage Space

The van’s main storage space is of a square shape. This gives the van great flexibility in terms of the types of items that it is able to store. As standard the van has 5.0 cubic metres of storage space. The maximum figure available is 8.4 cubic metres when the maximum long wheelbase high roof variable is chosen.


The Vauxhall Vivaro has ABS as standard. A sophisticated brake assist system is also included as standard in order to help minimise the potential damage during emergency situations.

The Vivaro also comes with remote central locking as well as an immobiliser. The anti tamper lockers help deter thieves. In 2006, a new type of key was introduced where by the cargo doors and front doors can be locked and unlocked separately.


The Vauxhall Vivaro sits in insurance group 4, representing great value for money. The van was engineered with great quality, leaving many not having to visit their garage for repairs very often. The diesel engines offer brilliant MPG and are generally cheap to run.