Vauxhall VXR8 Review 0

Vauxhall creating a muscle car? It’s not heard of very much but they have certainly made a good job of the VXR8.  This article takes a look into some of its best features.


We had to start on this particular subject, as the car is performance orientated with it being capable of reaching extremely high speeds with breathtaking acceleration too. It has been branded “The thunder from down under”, a nickname that truly speaks for itself. The car has an amazing 6.2 litre V8 engine that is able to produce 425bhp and 405lb of torque. Its 0-60mph rating is extremely quick with it being 4.9 seconds, though it has been recorded as an extra 0.1 of a second in the automatic transmission.  It has been said that the car really realises its power after 4,000 revs, letting off an amazing engine sound after.


To handle all of that power, you would expect the car to have superb handling in order to compliment it. Vauxhall ensured that this particular attribute of the car does not disappoint. Fantastic brakes, gripping the road well when taking corners with speed with a wonderfully balanced steering system helps make the driving experience thrilling yet controlled.


Most cars with those sorts of performance statistics are not usually practical. However with the car being a saloon, you get plenty of room within to allow great practicality. The boot can carry plenty of luggage and the interior has lots of leg and head room. Adults can sit comfortably and have their own space in the back too. The most important person in the vehicle, the driver, will have plenty of room also. This will make it very comfortable for them to drive and to get synced in to the speed of the car.


  • Chrysler 300C SRT-8
  • BMW M5
  • Audi S6
  • Mercedes E 63 AMG
  • Jaguar S-Type R


If you are willing to pay the £50,000 price tag, then you’ll be getting an extremely stylish strong muscle car made for pure power. The car may come with some expensive running costs but that is to be expected with a car that is able to produce such immense power. Despite being quite practical, they are certainly made for the more thrill seeking type of driver.