A new Vauxhall Zafira 0

The ever popular is to receive an upgrade for next year. To be released alongside the widely anticipated Ampera (early next year), the Zafira has already been a major success in the family car market since its release. Its first official showing will be at this year’s Frankfurt Motor show.

The car combines practicality that’s suitable for any sort of driver. You are able to fold all the rear seats down for maximum space, with plenty of items able to be stored.

Although the Zafira has a great reputation for being reliable, Vauxhall are offering more peace of mind with 100,000 mile lifetime warranty, for the new Zafira Tourer. Vauxhall have said that new technologies within the car promise better driving dynamics. The seating system has also been improved and made more practical. According to the company, the seating has been made into a Flex7 seating system, allowing better quality and more space.

Vauxhall will ensure that the driving experience of the car is also enhanced. A new range of engines will be released to ensure there is something for everyone. Families, who desire a practical car suitable for their partner and children, with an extra sport feel attached to it, will find exactly what they are looking for in the new Zafira.

The new Zafira has a unique style of headlights, with a “boomerang” type of look. The exterior body also has a sportier edge to it. It’s a much more attractive looking car than the last.

What can be expected however is a more economical car, boasting better fuel efficiency and greener credentials. With every new car that is released nowadays, it would seem that cars are being made more and greener as vehicles needs to become more environmentally friendly. That is certainly the way forward for every car company throughout the world.

There will be different packages of the car, with different features available to suit different drivers.

  • FlexOrganizer
  • Sight & Light Pack
  • The Winter Pack
  • Seat Comfort Pack

Not too much information about the car has been given away recently. Vauxhall seem to be playing their cards close their chest in the days leading up to the 2011 Frankfurt Motor show, where it is to be shown. However there could be more information about the new Zafira Tourer in the upcoming days.