The New Zafira 0

The-New-ZafiraIn the past few weeks we have been talking about the new Vauxhall Mokka X a little too much. Because of this, we seem to have rejected, or at least failed to mention the Zafira. But, there will be a Zafira Tourer on sale this October. So, here is a little overview of what we should be expecting from the vehicle which as seen a fair amount of trouble this year already.

Well, we already know the base price for the vehicle. Starting at £18,615, the price will rise depending on the technology, trim and other options chosen. Many may think that this price tag is a little too high, but it must be remembered that Vauxhall have engineered and produced excellently in the last year. The awards that the Corsa and the Astra have picked up are testament to this.

The Tourer, after being plagued by the fires and numerous recalls, will certainly try to follow in the previous vehicles’ footsteps. We are aware that the vehicle will come equipped with Vauxhalls Flex7 seating system, ergonomically-certified front seats, a Flex-Fix bike carrier and FlexRide adaptive damping. These are of course just options and this is where the Zafira Tourer may excel as there are multiple trim options available. These trim options will include the likes of Design, Energy, SRi, SRi Nav, SE, Tech Line, Elite and Elite Nav.

Vauxhall is offering choice of two engines for the new Zafira Tourer, the 1.4i 140bhp Turbo or the 2.0CDTi. The prices for the Zafira will change in comparison to what trim options and engine options available. Although, the base price will start off at £18,615 and it has been rumoured that the top end Zafira Tourer will be priced at around £29,580. It will certainly be interesting to see the difference in performance and luxury between the top and bottom end Zafira Tourer’s.