Vauxhall And Opel Pushing The Boundaries 0

Vauxhall-And-Opel-Pushing-The-BoundariesOpel have been one of the leading companies in producing, distributing and promoting the importance of effective headlights on cars. Over the last decade, they have been producing some of the most technologically advanced lights in the automotive world. They have managed to push the technology to its maximum capabilities, whilst also keeping the prices down too, allowing those that may not have been able to afford such luxuries to remain safe. As a result of this, Vauxhall have pushed the boundaries so far that every single one of their most modern vehicles are now equipped with advanced lighting technologies.

So, it is because of Vauxhall’s brand new lighting technology which has allowed them to push on even further. We have explained the new IntelliLux Matrix LED lighting system in previous articles and it is impressive. But because of this new technology, the previous advanced lighting technology, the AFL LED tech will now come as standard with the Mokka X and Zafira.  This now means that every Vauxhall/Opel model produced in the last decade will now be equipped with advanced LED lighting.

The AFL Led technology uses LED’s which automatically rearrange depending on the situation. Therefore, depending on the location, speed and other factors, the lights’ brightness and direction change to allow for optimum efficiency. Opel offer nine different modes for more effective and safer night time driving too. These light modes include Town Light, Country Light, and Stop Mode Light, which are tasked to optimize the lighting pattern and conserving energy.

With multiple accidents occurring at night, the attempt by Opel to increase safety is amazing. With all of their most modern vehicles now fitted with LED technology, it won’t be long until we will see all vehicles fitted with the new IntelliLux Matrix LED lighting system. We hope that their good work with safety continues…