Will the Vauxhall Ellesmere plant be saved? 0

The Vauxhall Ellesmere plant is apparently on the verge of being saved, according to reports from the UK automotive industry.

A major turnaround

Not only will the plant be saved, but hundreds of brand new jobs will be added. That would result in a significant turnaround for the company after voluntary redundancies were handed out recently.

12 years of making losses

General Motors had been analysing the possibility of closing the plant. Vauxhall and the Opel brand have been making losses for the past 12 years. The Euro Zone debt crisis has naturally dampened consumer confidence in the mass car market. Currently there is more cars being produced than what actually meets demand. That has brought about great cause for concern, for that reason job losses and plant closures around Europe were being heavily considered.

Vince Cable

If the plant does stay open, plenty of credit would have to Vince Cable. He was instrumental in attempting to convince General Motors executives to keep the plant open. He met them twice face to face, flying to the United States in the process.

Long way to go

However there is still a long to go. Meetings with workers and ballots are still needed in order for certain issues to be resolved.

Will the new Vauxhall Astra be built here?

One of these issues could be that of where the brand new Vauxhall Astra is to be built. Speculation has led to many people believing that the Ellesmere Port factory is the place of choice. However this has not been confirmed officially by Vauxhall. A spokesman has said however “We are still talking to the company about a future for the plant.”

Jaguar Land Rover moving to Ellesmere

Jaguar Land Rover are set to bring more prosperity to the Merseyside automotive market by taking over a new parts plant located next to the Ellesmere Port plant. This will add a further 300 jobs to the automotive industry.  Adding new jobs is not only important for the UK automotive industry, but the whole UK economy as a whole. The plant is said to open in the summer time. Jaguar Land Rover’s other plants currently produce the Land Rover Evoque and the new Land Rover Freelander 2.

The Ellesmere plant is still one of General Motors most productive plants throughout the world. The plant has a capacity 187,000 with 2,100 staff employed. General Motors Bochum plant located in Germany hires 3,100 employees and has a capacity of 160,000.