A 93 Year Old Vauxhall Is Back Up and Running 0

In 2014, a 93 year old Vauxhall was sold at a Bonham’s car auction in Beaulieu. Selling for £55,200, the car is now once again fully functioning. Amazingly, the history of the car has been traced too.

A 93 Year Old Vauxhall Is Back Up and RunningNicknamed ‘Alice’, the Vauxhall type OD 23-60 HP Kington Tourer, was one of 1,300 cars manufactured by Vauxhall at their Kimpton Road plant in Luton between 1922 and 1926. Originally costing £895 in 1923, ‘Alice’ from this period, up until she suffered an engine crack in 1967, was a taxi roaming the streets of Southampton. Then up until it was rediscovered and sold in 2014, it remained in a garage collecting cobwebs, dust and grime. It is argued that this particular Vauxhall OD 23-60 HP Kington Tourer is the oldest and best kept vehicle of its type left today.

Luckily for Alice, she was sold to a good owner who has repaired the vehicle to working order. Mark Walker, a renowned restorer and racer, managed to get Alice back up and running whilst keeping most of the original parts in working order. The only replacements that didn’t fit the original components were the restoration of the block and the fitting of high-compression pistons. The philosophy for the whole project was ‘conservation’ rather than ‘restoration’. The consequence of Walkers hard work has resulted in the vehicle being able to drive comfortably at 60mph to its birthplace in Luton. But, he did warn that the Car only had rear brakes so driving at those high speeds was not advisable.

The restoration took 18 months but the result has been fantastic, it works well and looks really good too. Only if the cars of today were as reliable as Alice is, but maybe Vauxhall cars are just made to last…