A mixed report about Opel 0

We have some good and bad news to report about Opel, the European version of Vauxhall in our article today. One bit of news is about a highly ambitious target set by Opel for 2016 and the other is the delayed delivery of a highly anticipated vehicle.

Opel plan to make 1 billion profit

We start off with the good news that Opel have set a highly ambitious target of making €1 billion in profit by 2016. Karl Friedrich Stracke stated just how he is planning on the company making such a huge amount of money. He said “My vision is as follows – Opel/Vauxhall will make a profit of 1 billion euros from 2016, a return on sales of 5 percent and have a market share of 8.5 percent in Europe,”

The announcement may come as a surprise considering that Opel actually lost $1.6 billion last year. The company are currently looking at ways to recover the loss by making cuts where necessary and increase sales. In a strange way, the €1 billion target may derive from the business closing down factories and making staff members redundant. Other rumours state that the company may even make them bankrupt. General Motors, who own Opel, will drop their 2011 break even target for the company.

The company hope to release 30 new vehicles within the next 3 years. Executives want to refresh Opel’s brand and the way that they are perceived in order to change the company’s direction.

Things will get worse before they will get better for Opel. Can they really make €1 billion in profit after losing €1 billion last year?

Vauxhall Ampera deliveries delayed

Vauxhall have announced that the delivery of their hybrid and highly efficient Ampera vehicle has been delayed. The holdup was caused by American authorities who have decided to take this specific course of action as they investigate battery fires of the Chevrolet Volt.

Opel have however already begun deliveries of the car to a number of European countries including Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, France and Germany. The Ampera will be on the road by the end of the year throughout Europe, according to Opel. Over here in the UK, the car will be launched in May.