Anger as ‘fixed’ Vauxhall Zafira catches fire 0

Anger-as-fixed-Vauxhall-Zafira-catches-fireAfter it was recalled and ‘fixed’, Angela Layton thought she could rest easy, knowing the chances of her Vauxhall Zafira bursting into flames were negligible. Then…you can guess what happened.

The Zafira B has been a dark episode for the car maker, with hundreds catching fire due to an issue with the car’s heating system. Vauxhall conducted a total recall on the model earlier in the year so action to fix the problem could be undertaken. It would seem that the steps taken to prevent the problem were not thorough enough.

The mother of four said, “I’d taken the car in to be fixed so I’ve been driving my family around in the false belief we were safe.” She says she was not informed that a second stage of work was necessary, and that using the car’s heating could potentially spark a fire.

About the incident, Angela added, “I thought the windscreen was misting up so I turned up the heater but it was black smoke from the engine. It was suffocating.

“We pulled over and in minutes the front was in flames and it spread fast. Other drivers tried to put it out with fire extinguishers but it didn’t touch it. It was horrible, an inferno.”

Angela was treated for smoke inhalation and given steroids after the incident. She said, “They are a death trap and should be taken off the road.

“It’s only by chance my two-year old daughter wasn’t in the car. I don’t know we could have got her out in time.”

It’s likely that Vauxhall bosses could be once again called before the Transport Select Committee to explain the second wave of Zafira fires.

Conservative MP Martin Vickers said: “This is not good enough. The dangers are more than obvious.”

Vauxhall responded yesterday: “The customer was invited to submit her car for completion of the recall work on September 2nd, before the fire took place.

“We will ask for access to her car to investigate.”

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