Chevrolet records best ever results for 2011 0

General Motors owned Chevrolet have reported their best ever sales results thanks to an excellent year in 2011. Sales had shown growth in the North America, South America, Europe and International Operations regions.

Chevrolet’s sales helping General Motors overall figures

Chevrolet assisted General Motors to reaching the top spot of being the world’s number one car producer by themselves selling 4.76 million globally in 2011 alone. General Motors sales equated to 9.03 million in total, the first they have reached sales of 9 million plus since 2007 just before the global car market recession.

Dan Akerson – New range a huge boost

Dan Akerson, the General Motors Chairman said that Chevrolet’s brand new line-up has been one of the most fundamental reasons to their success. He said “Chevrolet’s impressive growth in both established and developing markets is the result of a strong new product line-up that meets the diverse needs of consumers around the world. In addition to Chevrolet’s record setting sales, the entire line-up of GM vehicles is meeting customer needs for fuel-efficient cars and work vehicles as well as unmatched luxury.”

Tim Lee – Success to continue into 2012

The President of General Motors International Operations, Tim Lee, has praised the Chevrolet brand’s achievements and has said that the success will continue into this year. He said “Without doubt the new Chevrolet portfolio has been a catalyst for our success around the world. The launch of the Chevrolet brand in South Korea along with tremendous growth in China and across the rest of our international operations is proof that Chevrolet is becoming a first choice for customers around the globe. In 2012, we will continue to expand our range with even more great vehicles as we pursue further growth in our key markets.”

Sales by region

Chevrolet’s home country of North America was the company’s number one market selling 1,775,812 units. This represented a 13 % growth from 2010. The emerging car market of Brazil was second with 632,201 Chevrolet units sold. Chevrolet sold 595,068 cars in China which represented a 9.5 % increase compared to 2010.

Germany saw a 21 % increase in sales with Russia recording 49 % growth and Turkey reporting a 30 % increase.

Can Chevrolet play a major part for General Motors again this year?