Controversy with the Vauxhall Ampera advert 0

The Vauxhall Ampera has had rave reviews and has been even hailed as one the most revolutionary cars of modern times. However things seem to have hit a sour note as the Ampera advert has been taken down as it seen as misleading. Customers may believe that the car can achieve something that is wholly unrealistic. So what did Vauxhall do wrong? During the advert it was claimed that the car could reach figures of 360 miles on electricity alone.

That’s sounds wonderful but it is in actual fact far from the truth. Vauxhall have now been warned by the Advertising Standards Agency for the advert which has now been officially banned. That 360 miles figure comes from the car’s overall range itself. After the electric charge has finished the Ampera’s petrol engine will take over and allow the car to reach a total of 360 miles.

An internal combustion engine and extremely clever technology makes all of this possible. Electric power alone is able to drive the vehicle can drive 50 miles. Vauxhall claimed that they made it totally clear of the real facts within their advertisement. Vauxhall have since denied that they done anything wrong in their Ampera advert. They say that their petrol engine does not in actual fact control the wheels, therefore their 360 mile claim should be upheld.

The voiceover of the advert clearly says that the car uses an additional source to take the car beyond it’s electric 50 mile range. That does sound slightly confusing. Most viewers would be completely dumbfounded to the fact that the extra power source is indeed a petrol engine. It was on that basis that the Watchdog decided that banning the advert would be the most appropriate way forward. The advert was deemed ‘ambiguous’. Nevertheless the news is sure to prove to be just a slight hiccup in the Vauxhall Ampera’s path to success. The car is what can be described as a go between a normal petrol vehicle and a full on electric vehicle. Electric cars are proving simply too much to pay for at the minute. Some are also worried about the range anxiety and the fact that most of them compromise on performance.  The Ampera offers a great driving range and great performance levels, even if it does have a banned advert.