Dealers work with recall ‘superb’ says Vauxhall boss 0

Dealers-work-with-recall-superb-says-Vauxhall-bossThe chairman of Vauxhall, Rory Harvey, has described the work done by the company’s dealer network as ‘superb’, with regards to the enormous recall initiated after the recent fires.

Last year, the manufacturer was forced to take steps after a defect with a fuse register in the ventilation system of the Zafira B people carrier, caused several models to catch fire.

This was compounded by a BBC Watchdog investigation that discovered Corsa D hatchbacks were also prone to bursting into flame. 2,676 of the model had already been recalled at the time the news broke – over 40% being appropriately modified.

Harvey said that the company had taken every possible step to reassure customers and he praised the dealers for the part they played in the recall.

He said: “At this particular point in time we have completed approximately 50% of Zafira recalls which means that we are getting through around 2,000 a day, which is absolutely fantastic.

“The dealers have done a superb job in terms of supporting us and we are doing everything we can in order to expedite it.

“We’ve worked with our dealers to ensure that they have expanded capacity and are making the overtime available. This week the remainder mailing for all those who have yet to have their car re-worked.”

Harvey mentioned that the dealers had received an “agreed warranty rate” to modify the Zafira Bs and Corsa Ds.

When questioned as to whether these types of situation would be handled better in future, the Vauxhall chairman said he wanted a greater flow of information form insurers and emergency services to allow issues to be investigated and identified at an earlier stage.

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