General Motors China reports increase in Sales 0

General Motors have reported a great sales boost in China following their venture with localised based companies. Demand for microvan vehicles have recently increased somewhat in the month of May.

Defying the market patterns
News that foreign car makers such as General Motors are prospering well in China has come as a surprise. Many expected car sales to fall as the whole Chinese market appears to be slowing down at the moment.

Cadillac sales dipping
However not everything is rosy for American car makers in China at the moment. Sales of the Cadillac brand appear to be falling in China. That fact alone shows that General Motors have a long way to go if they are to make their presence in China felt. Cadillac sales dipped 2.2 per cent in May. Sales hit just 2,205. Experts have put the downfall down to Cadillac being a new entry into the Chinese car market, with them finding their surroundings extremely difficult to contain.
Altogether General Motors sales along with their joint venture projects in China grew by 21 per cent in the month of May when comparing the same month in 2011. 231,183 vehicles were sold. Sales had fallen by 1.7 per in April, which represents a great resurgence from the brand. From the first five months of the year, General Motors sold a staggering 1.2 million in that five month period which is a 12 per cent increase from 2011.

General Motors combined with SAIC GM Wuling to develop microvans in China. They reported a massive increase of 34 per cent in the month of May alone with sales of 119,721 vehicles. Their passenger vehicle project with the company saw sales increase by 7.1 per cent which resulted in a total figure of 99,113 vehicles sold.

Luxury car sales increasing
Luxury car manufacturers in China seem to be doing just fine on the other hand. BMW sales increased by 32 per cent in May selling a staggering 27,185. Audi, the countries number one luxury car brand sold 36,278 in May which represents a 44 per cent increase when compared to the year before.

In general the sales for the first quarter in China were not as great as originally expected. However experts believe that the Chinese car industry will get back into shape throughout the second quarter with plenty of demand being present.