General Motors Holden agrees the deal for Chinese cars development 0

General Motors Holden has linked up with two separate Chinese automotive companies in order to develop two brand new cars in Australia.

The Chinese companies in question are Shanghai General Motors and Pan Asia Technical Automotive Centre. The deal involves General Motors Holden designing, developing and testing components of the car. It has been confirmed that General Motors Holden will not be involved in the manufacturing process. In essence this will mean that General Motors Holden engineers will design the vehicles in order to suit the Chinese automotive market with the influence of General Motors platforms.

Confidential information

We would have loved to reveal the cars involved, but due to commercial reasons these details remain confidential.

A big deal for Australia

Mike Devereux, the Holden Chairman and Managing Director has said “We have worked with SGM and PATAC in recent years on smaller projects, but this is the first significant, long-term project to partner our organisations. It gives the Holden workforce a great sense of pride to work on global vehicle programs like this and to see Australian design, engineering and manufacturing expertise exported around the world.”

The deal comes only after a cash injection from the Australian Government. It was estimated that $275 million was given to the company.

Australia on it’s way up?

Today’s news clearly indicates that manufacturing is on it’s way up in Australia. Perhaps it is time that the Australian automotive industry made a bigger name for itself. General Motors Holden themselves have slowly been gaining a reputation for their design and engineering services. The Holden division has already played a major part in the development of the Cruze Hatchback and the Chevrolet Camaro.

The Holden Commodore

The Holden Commodore has seen great success as a road car in terms of sales and as a police car too in Australia. Rumours claim that the car is set for a return in the United States and will also arrive in China, as both countries love large sporty sedans. Chevrolet are set to introduce a new model into the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Rumour mills are rife that could be the current Commodore in Australia.

Fans will be hoping that the Commodore remains in production for years to come and is exported to other prospering car markets. Rumours state that the car could be produced beyond 2020