Happy Birthday CarUnity 0

Happy-Birthday-CarUnityWe have to wish Opel’s CarUnity a happy birthday. Many of you from around the world will have no idea what CarUnity is, but we’d recommend you get familiar with it because we may see it here in the UK very soon. The automotive industry is moving towards all electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles and of course connectivity. So with this being said, every car company is going to try and compete in these ever increasingly competitive markets, and Opel’s CarUnity is their sword in the fight.

CarUnity at this moment in time is based in three specific areas in Germany. The Rhine-Main, Berlin and North-Rhine Westphalia, and what this service does, is offer an open car sharing platform. In essence, you can rent your car out, or rent someone else’s car whenever necessary.  Chief Marketing Officer, Tina Müller stated that the reason behind CarUnity was to ‘introduce young people who want to be mobile but do not have their own car to the Opel brand… In the future it will be increasingly important to develop from a product manufacturer to a mobility service provider with an outstanding network. CarUnity and our new personal connectivity and service assistant Opel OnStar will play an important role in digitalizing the Opel brand.’

So, the CarUnity platform is now celebrating its first year. This first year has been an extremely successful for Opel and its mobility platform. They have managed to already gain a 4,000 strong following in these areas and they are planning to expand in the near future. Müller states that ‘Car-sharing the Opel way has convincing advantages… We offer users flexible, affordable mobility or the opportunity to earn money with their car. Society in general and the environment benefit too, because CarUnity uses already existing cars, which conserves resources.’

Happy Birthday CarUnity, we hope that this year is just as prosperous as the last…