Manchester United secured Chevrolet on a five year deal 0

Manchester United has brought on board American based Chevrolet on a 5 year deal after a wonderful performance last season. No we are not talking about an American player from the MLS, Man United have secured the sponsorship of the American car manufacturers Chevrolet.
Chevrolet have release a statement of intention to get all fans of Manchester United closer to the club and the game, upping the number supporters at the same time.


Replacing Audi

Chevrolet will officially replace Audi as Manchester United’s official automotive sponsor before the beginning of next season.
Chevrolet, one of the world’s best

Manchester United has arguably picked one of the best automotive sponsors available. Chevrolet were one of the major factors behind General Motors becoming the world’s number one car manufacturer last year, knocking off Toyota and fending off Europe’s number one supplier, Volkswagen. They made a positive impact across many car markets around the world last year showing great levels of growth.

659 million Manchester Fans
An estimated 659 million around the world support Manchester United. Chevrolet is to make a strong connection to the fans of Manchester United, bringing them closer to the club, no matter where they are around the world.

The same values
David Gill, Manchester United Chief explained how the values and strategies of the clubs are practically the same, despite the two companies being in completely separate industries. He said “Although part of two very different industries, Chevrolet and Manchester United share many of the same values. Like the club, it is steeped in history, having recently celebrated its centenary, and it has also grown to be a global brand, selling cars in more than 140 countries. Above all, it, too, strives to be the best in its field and I am delighted to welcome Chevrolet as our official automotive partner.”

The switch in General Motors advertising strategy
Chevrolet can also see the benefits to their company by sponsoring Manchester United. With so many fans around the world they will be able to market their brand without the need for expensive advertising costs. Recently General Motors decided not to pay $3.8 million for a slot in next year’s Superbowl Adverts.

Joel Ewanick, the Chief Marketing Officer at General Motors, who indeed took the decision to back out from the SuperBowl advertisements, said “Our ambition is to connect with football in a fashion that transcends traditional sponsorship. We want to bring to life the deep appreciation we have for the game by celebrating the best that football has to offer and introducing uncommon opportunities for fans to immerse themselves in the game.”

Sounds like a great deal all round! We look forward to hearing of other signings Manchester United are planning to make this season!