Striking Back Against the ‘Corsa Cannibals’ 0

The ‘Corsa Cannibals’ as they have been dubbed by the multiple news teams which have been reporting on them, may have finally met their match. This match is in fact Vauxhall.  Vauxhall have recently teamed up with the police to stop this ludicrous crime wave.


The ‘Corsa Cannibals’ have managed to strip Corsa’s and most recently Astra’s, of their body parts without damaging them, and then they have made a huge profit by selling them to garages. This scam does work well because of the popularity of the Corsa amongst young drivers who are more likely to crash and hence, need replacement body parts. The criminals began this activity two years ago in Bedfordshire where more than 500 cases of removed parts were reported. Then, they moved across the country like the plague, hitting Corsa owners in Teesside particularly hard. But not to worry, this spree will soon be over.

Vauxhall are now helping Bedfordshire police in the hunt for these criminals. Named Operation King, Vauxhall have been supplying the local police force with Corsa’s straight from the Luton plant. But these aren’t any normal Corsa’s, they are fitted with surveillance technology. So far, the plan seems to be working as around 22 people have already been arrested in regards to the crimes committed against the poor defenceless Corsa’s. It may only just be a small step in the fight but, at least there has been some initiative taken.

This won’t be able to stop all of the criminals across the country from stripping your precious Corsa, but there are multiple other steps that can be taken to ensure your vehicle remains safe. This may include specifically marking your vehicle and ensuring that you only buy approved parts.

We hope that this crime wave does stop as soon as possible. No one wants to see their vehicle stripped of its parts with no hope left other than spending a fortune on fixing it, and maybe, with the parts that were originally stolen from you…

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