The Vauxhall Adam Unlimited Adds Even More Customisable Features for its Customers 0

The Vauxhall Adam was released in 2013 and its main selling point has been the ability for customers to customise the vehicle within Vauxhall’s range of ten body paints and two colours for the roof to choose from. But, with the new Adam Unlimited, customers now have an even wider range of customisable features to choose from.

The Vauxhall Adam Unlimited Adds Even More Customisable Features for its Customers

The launch of Vauxhall’s Adam Unlimited, allows for its owners to express their own specific styles in a more defined way. With the body, there are twenty different colours to choose from, whilst the roof has ten specific colours. Customers can mix and match their cars colours in any design that suits them. But, it must be stated that colours are not the only customisable feature of the new Vauxhall Adam Unlimited. The vehicles alloy wheel styles, interior trims and technological options can all be chosen by you.

As aforementioned, there are multiple technological options for Adam Unlimited owners to choose from. Owners can chose to have climate control, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, cruise control and, Vauxhall’s OnStar assistance service as options. The popular OnStar service, if you haven’t heard, includes; an automatic crash response unit, a WIFI hotspot, vehicle diagnostics, a smartphone function, a destination downloader and a stolen vehicle assistance function too; it has proved a very popular service for Vauxhall owners so far. So, the Adam Unlimited not only has unlimited colour customisation, it has unlimited technological potential too. Vehicle Integrated Wireless Charging is another technological function which is only available on the Unlimited model. This optional extra, which costs £150, allows for your phone to be charged by an electromagnetic field present in the car. It may come in handy at some point, you never know.

Prices for the Adam Unlimited start at £12,260 and increase with different models selected. Either way, if a customisable hatchback is what you desire than you can’t look any further than the Vauxhall Adam Unlimited…