The Vauxhall amazing panoramic windscreen 0

Want an amazing driving experience in a way that you haven’t experienced before?

The new Vauxhall panoramic windscreen adds a new a dimension to the way drivers look and observe the road ahead.

Unique look

It can be said that looking from the outside in, the windscreen looks a bit out of proportion. From inside the cabin however, those worries are completely put to one side as the spectacular view makes up for the unease within the exterior design.

Wonderful views

The panoramic windscreen may look odd as it extends all the way to the roof, meaning the driver and passengers receive the benefits of wonderful visual views from the car. It has been described by some sources as quite an extraordinary experience. Everyone within gets to enjoy the sunshine, looking at the stars or admire cloud patterns while the car is on the road, something which many other cars don’t offer.

When the sunshine proves a bit too much to deal with, blinds are able to utilised in order to lessen the obscurity of the view. It helps to create a different type of atmosphere within the car too. It’s very easily accessible too.

The layout of the driver and passengers with the Vauxhall panoramic roof over their heads resembles that of pilots in light aeroplanes, which in certain ways adds to the experience.

Previous success

This isn’t the first time that we have seen the Vauxhall panoramic windscreen. Around 18,000 of them were ordered on the previous generation of the Vauxhall Astra GTC. Perhaps more could be ordered with the new generation which went on sale in June.

The engineers of the windscreen, Russelsheim, were able to secure 11 patents for the unique product.

The Vauxhall GTC has five engines available with all of its variants. These include a 1.4 litre 100 BHP and a 1.6 turbo 180 BHP petrol versions. A 2.0 CDTI Common Rail turbo diesel engine that is able to produce an outstanding 165 BHP is also available within the line-up. A 110 BHP and 130 BHP version of the 1.7 CDTI Common Rail Turbo is also included within the range.

The car is fantastic, as mentioned in one of our previous articles named “A further in depth look at the Vauxhall Astra GTC” (LINK)

We are sure that the Vauxhall panoramic sunroof will add the car’s appeal even further.