The Vauxhall Astra VXR lightweight seats 1

The new Vauxhall Astra VXR due out this year will have brand new lightweight seats. We take a look at why the seats represent a significant change in the car and the exact benefits in which they are able to offer all new customers.

Suited for fast cars

The seating position is lower with a stronger grip on the body too. When travelling at high speeds, the driver and front passenger will be synced in with the speed. The fact that they are being made lighter will enhance the performance of the car, making it quicker off the mark. The seats are placed a staggering 17 mm lower than the Astra GTC and 40 mm lower than the Vauxhall Astra Hatch. The lower the better in terms of sporty cars.

Number of seating positions

They not only look good, but they are exceptionally comfortable too. Versatility is also an important factor which Vauxhall are taking seriously. There are said to be up to 18 different adjustments for the new seats helping the driver to find the most comfortable position possible. The only thing missing is a back massager and a heat setting.


Developments  of new ground breaking technology made it all possible, with other car manufactures sure to follow suit in the future. The seats weight is reduced by 45 %. They are made through injection moulded sheet in seat shells which help to dramatically reduce the weight. The actual sheet is made from polyamide and fibreglass. This enables the material to be just two or three millimetres deep thanks to it’s strength and agility.

The new Vauxhall VXR will be the most powerful yet. Fans will get to preview the car at the Geneva Motor Show scheduled for March.

Seat adjustments

  • Entire seat backwards and forwards x 2
  • Entire seat upwards and downwards x 2
  • Seat backrest forwards and backwards x 2
  • Seat cushion angle adjustment x 2
  • Seat cushion length adjustment x 2
  • Four-way lumbar support adjustment x 4
  • Adjustable side bolster support in back x 2
  • Adjustable side bolster support in seat cushion x 2

They are the first ever car seats to be certified by independent back experts. An organisation named Action for Healthy (ASR) approved the seats. They managed to meet the strenuous criteria which the German company set out, including checks for spine support.