The Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 litre CDTi BiTurbo 0

The Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 litre CDTi BiTurbo 4×4 is a four wheel drive vehicle. At £31,000 as standard, the vehicle is quite pricey. For that type of money you could buy an Audi A5.

Being a 4×4, the fuel costs as well as the tax costs will naturally go up compared to the standard BiTurbo. You’d buy the model thanks to its excellent twin turbo 192 BHP engine. This is in fact the most powerful diesel engine ever fitted to a production model. Power is evenly distributed between all four wheels. The problem is that the car is not exactly design for its sporting prowess. Its power could come into use when towing perhaps.

Perhaps the best thing about the engine is that it is quite powerful even on low revs. Official figures claim that the vehicle is able to achieve 50.4 MPG. However test drives have recorded averages of 37 MPG for town drives with hills. Consistent driving for 170 miles on level roads achieved an average of 40 MPG. That sounds about right.

Rear visibility is extremely bad. Reversing out of a parking space is sure to prove difficult. The boot is huge with enough space for typical daily items and much more. The space within is quite substantial. The driver and front passenger will have plenty of room but the rear seats have very limited room around the leg area. The Vauxhall Insignia comes with three different modes, Sport, Tour and Normal.

The bi-xenon headlights come with switchable adaptive main beams. These improve the safety and certain elements of practicality of the vehicle. The headlights change direction during various situations such as vehicles coming around the corner or if tall objects are ahead. Altogether there are 9 different beam patterns.

The vehicle is indeed pretty safe. The Vauxhall Insignia comes with both stability control and six airbags. Wanting to enhance its credentials as a family vehicle, the car also has anti-whiplash head restraints and seatbelt alerts. Thatcham gave the vehicle the maximum five stars for preventing theft.

If you use motorways often, this Insignia is for you. It’s comfortable and stable on long drives. Quick town and city drives are not the vehicle’s main strength.