Vauxhall and Emissions… 0

Vauxhall-and-EmissionsThe talk of the Volkswagen emissions scandal is all that anyone can talk about these days. But, after a recent study undertaken by the UK government, the whole saga is becoming more transparent. The government, the public and other regulatory boards are beginning to understand what actually is occurring in the motoring world. So, with all of this information, how have Vauxhall, one of the UK’s major suppliers of cars and jobs performed?

Not too well is the answer to that question. The UK government, as part of a £1 million investigation, tested the 37 most popular cars on the roads right now. Vauxhall, like every other car manufacturing company failed the governments test. However, Vauxhall did considerably worse than the other more economic manufacturers in the group.

The average emission failure was six times over the legal limit.  The Vauxhall Astra, Insignia and Corsa were all at least nine times over the legal limit.

So, are Vauxhall involved in the scandal at all? The answer to that is no. Vauxhall have broken no laws, regulations and they haven’t attempted to cheat the emissions test. Volkswagen used software to cheat, whilst Mitsubishi on the other hand, used over inflated tyres. Vauxhall did not try altering their results at all.

What occurred was a difference between real world and lab testing. Vauxhall passed the lab tests, but the real world emissions were different. This is because, as argued by Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin, ‘the tests do show the widespread use of engine management systems to prevent engine damage which can lead to higher emissions in real world temperature conditions cooler than those in the approved lab test.’ Therefore, Vauxhall like every other company have attempted to comply by EU emission laws but external changes have created a situation where by the law can’t be followed.

There will be real world emissions testing introduced next year, which is good news. And, in regards to Vauxhall, it was interesting to see just how high their emissions actually were in comparison to their rivals…