Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer Landmark for Cheshire plant 0

A significant new landmark has been reached by Vauxhall’s Cheshire manufacturing plant. The 100,000th Astra Sports Tourer has left the production line in the Ellesmere Port factory. Many people not only in the company but throughout the automotive industry are sure to view the news as quite pleasing and quite significant.

Higher sales overseas

Since 1962 when the plant opened, it has produced many different types of Astra’s, with this one being one of the most successful export selling cars.

The car is mainly sold outside of the UK, with it being exported to different continents such as South America and Africa, with European countries such as Germany selling the car very well.

The car only launched a year ago in September 2010. It is said to have had 6,316 sold in the UK within just 9 months. This figure is more than quadrupled in Germany within the same time period where 29,622 were sold.

Eco-friendly plant

The Vauxhall plant isn’t just one that prides itself on tremendous work ethic, with a target of 47 jobs being completed on an hourly basis, but the plant also has tremendous environmental credentials too. It has received awards for how “green” its way of operating is.

Car companies are not only creating cars that are safe to the environment, but their factories are also tailored to run in a non-polluting way too.

What’s good about the car?

It has great efficiency in terms of fuel and boasts great environmental benefits too.  The practicality is perhaps its biggest selling point. Just by pressing a single button, the rear seats fold down to create an immense amount of space in the rear (FlexFold seating is available in the highest specification Se and Sri models) Throughout there are neat little storage spaces for valuables. It’s a great car for the family to travel in comfort. They’ll be able to store luggage as well as shopping.

Certainly a great contender to the Volkswagen Golf Estate.

The 2,100 employees who work at the factory have every right to be proud of themselves. They are the only plant within the whole country to produce and roll out the Astra Sports Tourer and are sure reach more milestones like this in the future.