Vauxhall Can’t Stop Supporting Great Britain… 0

If you are an avid football fan then you must be fully aware that Vauxhall motors are the official sponsors of home nation football. Whether you follow the English, Welsh, Scottish or Northern Irish national teams, Vauxhall are there as a main sponsor. But, it seems that they are here to help Great Britain time after time.

Vauxhall Can’t Stop Supporting Great BritainThis time round however, Vauxhall have supported the ‘Made in Britain’ campaign. The Made in Britain campaign is a non-profit organisation which supports & promotes British manufacturing, enabling buyers and consumers at home and abroad to identify British-made products. Vauxhall is now supporting the campaign and as a result, the Vauxhall Vivaro will now display a ‘Made in Britain’ badge.

The Vivaro is made in Vauxhalls famous Luton factory and is sadly, the only Van produced in the UK after the Ford factory in Southampton was closed down a few years ago. Last year, 68,820 vans were made in the Luton factory of which, 28,000 were sold on the UK. Since the factories conception, there have been 8 million Vauxhall vehicles produced in Luton. In more recent times, the factory has seen £185 million worth of investment and 1,500 jobs added as a result of Vauxhall’s investment. The Vivaro has a 10 year contract to be built in Luton so each one produced from now on will sport the new badge.

Can Vauxhall go any further with the Vivaro? Well it seems as if they can. The Vivaro is now on a Great British tour in partnership with Independent Venue Week. The Vivaro is the vehicle driving up-and-coming bands all across the country to the concerts that they are about to perform in. Moreover, they are also giving behind the scenes (in the back of the Vivaro) access to fans from all over Great Britain and the world.

So far so good from Vauxhall, but can their sponsorship push any of the home nation teams to glory in the European Championships this summer?