Vauxhall drivers! Top winter driving tips 0


Yep. No denying it now. Winter has hit with a vengeance. We might not be getting snowstorms just yet, but temperatures have taken a turn for the worse and it won’t be long before some real unpleasant weather decides to pay a visit.

When the elements take a turn for the worse, we can’t just hibernate for the winter. At some point we have to take to the road. Bearing in mind driving at this time of year can be challenging, here are some tips to help you over the coming months.

  1. Use second gear. If there has been plenty of rain, or it’s icy and snowy, pulling away in second gear will make it easier and lower the risk of spinning up the wheels.

  2. Pay attention at all times. It’s easy to let your mind wander when you’re driving. Remember at this time of year, the inclement conditions mean you’re more likely to have to take emergency action in a hurry.

  3. Assume you’ll have to stop. To avoid having to slam on the brakes in a hurry, assume that you’ll have to stop when approaching lights, a roundabout or slow moving traffic. Don’t tailgate the vehicle in front of you either; if they stop in a hurry you’ve got less time to react.

  4. Have an understanding of your car’s tech. Today’s cars may have plenty of gadgets and gizmos designed to keep you safe and sound but they’re all rendered meaningless if you don’t know how they work, or what they mean. ABS stands for ‘Anti-lock braking system’ and most cars have it now – even if ten years old. A surprising amount of people think its sole purpose is to allow you to brake later and be fine. It’s not – it just prevents your brakes from locking. ESC stands for Electronic Stability Control. If this pops up when you’re driving in rain or slippery conditions, it means the car is doing everything it can to keep in control so slow down!

  5. Be aware of other drivers. Even if you’re driving immaculately, doesn’t mean other drivers are. Keep awareness of what’s going on around you, meaning if someone does something stupid, you don’t suffer as a result of it.

  6. Braking distance. At this time of year, allow greater braking distance as gunk on the road or challenging weather conditions will prevent you slowing down as promptly as normal.

  7. Don’t rush. Allow plenty of time for a journey so you’re not left driving outside your capabilities to get somewhere on time.

  8. Have a service! For peace of mind, make sure you car is in tip-top condition with a service.

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