Vauxhall GT still in the pipeline 0

Vauxhall-GT-still-in-the-pipelineA rear-wheel-drive GT concept is still very much in the pipeline, almost a year after the car was first unveiled by Vauxhall-Opel at the Geneva Motor Show. The dual-company believes it still has around two years to make a final decision about production before the proposed design loses its appeal.

The companies’ chairman Karl-Thomas Neumann said “It’s a car we all love and the public love, so we really want to build it. The question is what the right approach is, so we are studying different directions we could follow.”

There are currently two possibilities being explored, either to create a ‘parts bins’ rear-wheel drive platform or to borrow an off-the-shelf platform. A rear drive platform is imperative if the GT production edition is to keep the same proportions featured by the concept. Neumann said: “The platform is a complication.”

He also went on to rule out the possibility of parent company General Motors (GM) contributing a parts-bin platform.

“You can take parts and pieces, but it’s a matter of cost. If you do a lot of engineering on the platform, then you can’t do it,” he said.

The most likely outcome is teaming up with another company to design a new rear drive platform. “Then you need something off the shelf,” Neumann said. GM’s Chinese partner, SAIC, the owner of MG, has been suggested by insiders at Vauxhall/Opel, but Neumann has refused to comment officially.

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