Vauxhall say Ampera-e not coming to UK 0

Vauxhall-say-Ampera-e-not-coming-to-UKThe Ampera-e, Vauxhall’s new electric car which was revealed at the recent Paris Motor Show, will not be released in Britain.

However, the vehicle – which will be sold in the rest of Europe from 2017, by Opel – will be evaluated by the company to determine feasibility of releasing a future generation of the model.

The Ampera-e has a touted, purely electrical range that can exceed 250 miles, without recharging (purely electrical range measured, based on the New European Driving Cycle, or NEDC, in km: > 400; provisional figure).

This is in test conditions however; Vauxhall say the car’s real world range capabilities – taking into account driving style, road and weather conditions – are still in excess of 185 miles on average.

“Vauxhall is committed to having a future EV presence in its range,” said Rory Harvey, Vauxhall’s chairman and managing director.

“The technology which underpins the new Ampera-e is of great interest to us, and we will be evaluating LHD cars from next spring and demonstrating them to clients.

“The fact that Ampera-e is not an eco-luxury or second car for customers broadens its appeal greatly, but it’s obviously vital that the car we sell in our market is right-hand drive, and that won’t be available in the current generation.”

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