Vauxhall Tigra Review 0

We take a more in depth look at one of German company’s most popular roadster, the Vauxhall Tigra. The latest generation (made between 2004 – 2009) was a fine car with many great qualities.

We highlight some of our favourite assets of the car in this review.


With this generation, Vauxhall really did aim for the car to stand out. Some of the striking colours that it is available in gives the vehicle that bit more edginess and will get plenty of attention from other road users.

With the roof down, the Vauxhall Tigra looks sporty and desirable. From all angles the car looks quite attractive.

Handling on the road

The 1.8 litre is the pick of the bunch in terms of offering speed and handling. In this version of the car, you’ll feel as if you are in a sporty type of roadster.  Although the car isn’t designed to be the fastest, the 1.8 does grip the road quite well and feels firm on the road. All models offer quite a comfortable and firm ride over poorly conditioned roads, which may come as quite a surprise for a car in this type of class.


The interior is quite attractive and very neat looking. There are metal pedals giving the car a sportier feel. Roadsters should give away that element of style and edginess within, which the Tigra does quite well.  The boot space is also quite generous for a car in this type of class. There are also convenient storage spaces behind the front chairs. The automatic folding roof is easy to manoeuvre and is quite easy for anyone to get used to.


Considering this car is now available as a second hand car, you’ll be able to find a decent one for around £5,000 or less. The fuel economy is very decent and servicing the car also comes at a very cheap price. Running and maintaining a stylish roadster usually comes at a premium. This car is different, with the running costs one of the cars best assets.


The Vauxhall Tigra isn’t a car for sports enthusiasts who require plenty of speed. It’s a car that offers style and is designed for the more casual driver. For that type of motorist, we believe the car is near perfect.